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Lifejacket Blue and Yellow Neoprene

Lifejacket Blue and Yellow Neoprene

$ 35.00

This Doggy Life Jacket provides ultimate buoyancy and high visibility to keep pets safe on the water. With a cozy, secure fit and plenty of buoyancy, the Pink Polka Dot Doggy Life Jacket features an advanced breathable mesh underbelly for proper draining and drying.

  • Bright colors and reflective strips for maximum visibility
  • Handle on top for quick and easy grabbing
  • Adjustable nylon straps and quick release buckles

The breathable mesh underbelly provides your dog more comfort and healthier conditions than traditional pet life jackets, which can cause heat exhaustion and chafing.  Additionally, this lifejacket's unique design is less bulky under your dog's neck than most lifejackets.  This greatly reduces discomfort and allows freedom of movement in the water.

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